Professional Generator Maintenance Service

Professional Generator Maintenance Service

Published: June 17th, 2024

Do you really get what you pay for?

All Generator Service is not the same, in fact, the level of training and services performed differ like night and day.  While some generator maintenance plans say they start at…to grab a price out of the air, say $199.00, they are often just a glorified oil change.  An oil change is not a maintenance, it is a small part of professionally provided maintenance.  While some maintenance companies say they perform a full service, and in fact, tell you the services they will provide…will you be there to witness it?  If you will not be home to witness what services are provided, how can you tell what services were performed? A full maintenance service will easily take over an hour to complete.  Ours average 90 minutes. 

Anything less, and you are not getting a complete service!

 Our generator service, for instance, includes an oil change, oil filter change, air filter change, spark plug change, battery testing, charging system testing, engine analysis and adjustments to engine speed, throttle linkage, valves  (if required), governor system, examination of all belts, hoses and air ducts, the intakes are cleaned, fuel pressure checked, fuel is leak checked, the exhaust system is inspected and the unit is cleaned.  Then all of the electrical connections are tightened, the electric terminals are cleaned and the electrical output of the generator are checked and adjusted.  In addition, if any factory required scheduled maintenance is due because of the number of hours logged on your generator, these services are performed and included in our price.  All measurable data from your generator is recorded and is tracked in our data base.  In this manner, we are able to analyze the generators performance over several seasons and our recordings allow us to better understand and adjust your generator.

The best part…?  We provide a complete written report of our findings, tests performed and the results of each test are provided to you,… usually within 24 hours of our visit.  If we have recommendations to make, regarding your generator, we present them in this report.

 Now comes the peace of mind partmembers of our plans pay nothing for diagnostic service calls if, during our agreement term, the generator fails to perform when required, and all of our clients receive reduced labor rates when repairs that are not covered under warranty, need to be undertaken.

Our level of expertise?  We man the phones 24 hours a day to better serve our customers, and our technicians attend factory-training each year and are tested on a regular basis.

If you have made the substantial investment in a standby generator, and you want it to last, don’t be fooled by bargain maintenance plans.  You really do get what you pay for!